The Countess of Corsetshire 1945-2018

Exerpts from her Obituary  by The Count of Corsetshire, by kind courtesy of Tatler magazine. Memorable moments from her life  from the photograph and film collection,  of ‘Hello’ magazine


My dear departed  wife, The Countess of Corsetshire , the well known  socialite and fashion muse, was born into an aristocratic family . Educated at Rhodene where she was fashionably rebellious, she was known for her style and flair . Despite a rather disappointing  academic performance she thenattended  Chelsea college of art  . After college she  became Andy Warhol’s muse, self styled  ‘It girl ‘ of the 1960’s, known famously as ‘Seedy Edgewick’ . The countess told ‘Horse and Hound ‘ magazine in 2001 that, ’Andy was utterly in love with me, we were inseparable, he was my soulmate, people used to call me Mrs Warhol!’ Strangely, I couldn’t find any photos or film footage  of this notable time in her life,  but did stumble across   an appearance as an extra in Warhol’s staged event, ‘Exploding Plastic Inevitable’ although it’s difficult to discern  if the figure dressed as a detergent bottle in the background is my dear wife  or an  oddly shaped lampshade.  

After a whirlwind romance, The countess and myself eloped to Las Vegas  although our happiness was short lived  and we separated following  a regrettable incident involving myself, a luxury yacht and the delectable Fiona Pinkerton Shears.  Falsely claiming I had cast her into poverty,  she felt compelled to  trail around the country giving audiences in order to keep the caviar coming.

Her first audience was at the Chelsea Arts Club Ball, where as arbiter of style, she arrived in an  outfit described by ‘Hello’ magazine ,’ The Countess made a glorious entrance in a zesty shocking pink hat by P.Mache , and co-ordinating farthingale  ‘.


Encouraged by the success of the evening she agreed to go along to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern , she  remembered being  charmed by the reception but wondered why there so many very tall (but perfectly lovely) girls performing with her. With typical generosity, She then made a visit to her alma mater, Chelsea college of Art, to host a game show for old friends  Robin and Margaret and offering art and fashion advice at the MA Interim show

A fatal and tragic encounter with a bottle of vodka led to her demise.  Wandering into her garden (in a studio flat in Kensington), a litte tipsy, she tripped in the snow. She was discovered five days later by her cleaner .


The Countess is now to be found in the mystical afterlife where flower arranging and singing simply aren’t enough.  . She has made several attempts  to make contact with the living and was glimpsed at the Chelsea Arts club Ball, floating nymph like through the proceedings but dismay turned to despair as she could not drink the champagne cocktails.  She sometimes slips into mystic vessels like snow shakers and bottles but is largely ignored. Perhaps, in the words of her own song, ‘Enough is enough’ and she should give up gracefully.