Personal Statement

I am a London based artist who works across media using  historical photographic  techniques , performance, video installation and painting , independently and collaboratively.  London is important to me as an artist as I find the history and the alternative  theatrical culture  of the city a source of inspiration  and a platform for my work.

My interest in the imagery of the unconscious began at Central St Martin’s College of Art, where I was drawn to the Jungian idea of The Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious and made photographic work about the ‘unconscious ‘ of London poetically represented by its buried rivers .  At Chelsea College of Art I have been working on a narrative surrounding my alter-ego ,‘The Countess of Corsetshire’  informed by the work of Ty Jeffries and  his drag alter-ego ‘Miss Hope Springs’.   ‘The Countess of Corsetshire’ emerged  through  performance and painting using the theatrical traditions of drag , making  her stage debut at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern in November 2017. Her persona drew on the dreamlike characters and the magical imagery of fairytales that seem everywhere expressed in the otherworld of drag culture, and are a consistent source of interest to me in my work. These are revealed  in my  ‘Through the Looking Glass’  video projections which include the  afterlife, (as the Countess sadly dies in March 2018 )  .

 As an older woman, I am in the minority in the drag world but through this subversive theatre form   I can become subversively enormous, colourful, rude and silly as ‘The Countess’ in contrast to my increasing invisibility in my well ordered everyday life.  This places my work in the political arena by questioning the position of older women in society.  

Through the process of creating ‘The Countess’ I have become interested in the way that artists work from a position of ‘not knowing’ where they are heading . This approach informs  a collaborative schools project  I am currently leading which aims to  provides a balance to the restrictions and compliance demanded by the national curriculum, and  therefore again,  makes a political statement.



Sally Shrubsall

Lives and works in London



Current   MA Fine Art Chelsea College of Art, London

2000-2006   BA Fine Art Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London


Solo Exhibitions


‘Texas/London’  Sally Shrubsall and Jane Cornish-Smith , Malthouse Gallery, Dorset.


‘Vaudevillians’   G115ERY ,  London


‘Sally Shrubsall and Nina Carter’, London


 Untitled Installation by Sally Shrubsall    Hix Fish and Oyster House, Dorset


Sally Shrubsall and Denise Franklin, Grove gallery, London


‘Poetics of Place’ Sally Shrubsall and Wendy Verrier, Diesel House Gallery, London


Selected  Group  Exhibitions


Transitional Show   MA part time students.  Triangle Gallery, Chelsea College of Art, London


Drag Graduation Showcase, (Performance), Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London

‘Please Yourself’   Ilana Blumberg, Emma Hunter, Rosalind Faram, Amy Robson  MAFA Gallery, Chelsea College of Art, London

Game Show (Performance) Margaret, Robin   MAFA Gallery, Chelsea College of Art, London

‘Nasty Women’  Amy Robson, Kate Lowe, Rosalind Faram, Nell Lhunn MAFA Gallery, Chelsea College of Art, London.


Collective show, Malthouse Gallery,  Dorset

‘Made at Kew’ collective show, Kew Bridge Steam Museum,London


Collective Exhibition, Malthouse Gallery, Dorset

‘Made at Kew’  collective show, Kew Bridge Steam Museum


Collective exhibition, Malthouse gallery, Dorset


‘New’ Diesel House  Gallery, London


‘Lucid’  Diesel House Gallery, London


Collective show   (curator and artist)  Osterley Park Gallery , London


New Artists exhibition The Forest Gallery, Guildford


Degree Show Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London


‘Look Again’  Gallery and Art Wall   Waterstones Piccadilly bookstore




 Leader of  St John’s Primary School and Chelsea College of Art collaboration.  Artists weekly workshops led by Sally Shrubsall ,Denzel Wachoupe and Ian Barrington.